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Regular sessions

We train all year round and you can join us at any time. Come and try the first class for free.


Training takes place twice a week in the gym in Prague 2 and you can start at any time during the school year. After training, you can use the showers (does not apply during covid measures). You only need sports clothes and shoes to start with, the rest will be lent to you. Even those under the age of 15 can come to training.

Monday 19.00 – 21.00

Thursday 19.00 – 21.00

Address of the gym: ZŠ  Jana Masaryka 21, Prague 2

(to the left on the ground floor)


Training sessions at FFS are conducted in an individual style. Every person is different, has different motor skills, thinking,  and different strengths and weaknesses. We have therefore abandoned the usual method where all pupils must always do the same as the others. With us, everyone receives exercises focused specifically on what they currently need most in their training phase. The same applies to the choice of weapons – in class, pupils can practice the weapons they are interested in and do not have to follow what others are practicing. In addition to practicing techniques, our students also prepare for fencing performances, filming, historical battles or even preparing for a real fight.

We will help you find and choose your own style. The instructor, who has many years of experience in various types of fencing, will pay attention to you individually and suggest the most suitable personal fighting style. We don’t teach fish to fly – we design exercises tailored to your physical and mental requirements. We will not blindly drill you, but help you really understand the application of various fighting techniques as well as the creation of fight choreography.

In addition to your own swordsmanship with a variety of weapons from ancient to modern, we can offer you many associated skills such as tactics, use of knightly armor, weapon cleaning, acting and stunt basics, period costume advice, combat psychology and more.


First session is for free

Length of one training session: 2 hours (with a break after the first hour).

It is possible to go to training once or twice a week. If you go once a week, it doesn’t matter if you come one week on Monday and the next on Thursday.

You dont need own sword – on the contrary, it is reasonable to first familiarize yourself with the functions of the weapon for a few months, before you aquire one.


Monthly training  subscription:

basic (once a week): CZK 1,000
intensive (twice a week): CZK 1,400

Quarterly training (subscription for 3 months):

basic (once a week): CZK 2,400
intensive (twice a week): CZK 3,600

VIP entrance (pass for the whole school year)

pass for any regular training sessions
10,000 CZK

Price for one-time training without subscription:
400 kč per 2 hour session.

How to begin

For first training, you need only sports clothes, shoes and something to drink. We will lend you weapons or other necessary things. Come a little before the start of training (5 to 10 minutes) so you have time to get acquainted, change clothes and prepare for class. You can come without prior notice – but it is better if you write us an email saying you want to come so that we can count on you.

You can find the gym at the school by going up to a short stairs behind the main entrance to the school to a glass door and behind  another door inside you turn left – at the end of this corridor is the gym. If you can’t find it, write us a message (whatsapp, messenger) or call our number 605 151 952.

The training lasts two hours, and there is always a 15-minute break in between to replenish fluids, rest and stretch.

At the end of the class there is a short workout and sometimes after training we go out together for dinner, spa, billiards, etc.

There is a shower in the school which can normally be used after practice, however due to COVID showering is now prohibited in the school.

In order to avoid injury, the following safety rules must be observed during training:

We do not talk during the exercise, which would distract both ourselves and our sparring partner. If we have a question, we don’t ask the people around us, but we raise our hand and raise the question to the teacher
We always clearly signal the beginning of a sword attack with a challenge or eye contact, and we do not attack a person who is not ready for the performance.
When grabbing or strangling, we monitor our comfort level and call STOP in time.

Without the teacher’s instruction, we do not leave the designated place for practice, so as not to interfere with the path of the sword of others.
If there is any a health problem, I will inform the teacher immediately.
Prohibition of alcohol and drug consumption before training.

If something is not clear to you, feel free to write us a message at any time and ask what you need to know.



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