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She got into swordfight in her 17. She added other martial arts to fencing, and soon began to excel in it. Of the other sports, she was most fascinated by Russian combat sambo, where she worked her way up to an instructor position and she have a unique insight into the issue of unarmed combat. Danča prefers a quiet, calm style of training with sufficient explanations. Her specialty is medieval wrestling and MMA, which she also occasionally use in personal protection work.

Martial Arts

  • 2 years Wing Chun
  • 7 years swordfight
  • 5 years Sambo
  • 3 years Capoeira
  • Muai Thai, MMA occasionally

Security training

  • Dynamic Rifle
  • Dynamic Pistol
  • Small Unit Tactis
  • Close Quarter Battles
  • Selfdefence for women
  • Viking Workshop
  • Survival Workshop
  • Sniper Basics


  • Borgia
  • Samsung Commercial
  • czech police training film
  • Skammeres Datter




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