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A series of security workshops for those who are aware of fragility of the basic social securities that we take for granted. Be prepared to a moment when the situation gets worse and the state for any reason will not be able to provide you resources, protection or the elementary safety, and you will be left on your own, oftentimes in a tough competitive and hostile environment. A massive electricity blackout, natural disasters, economic collapse, climatic changes, cybernetic attack, epidemic outbreak, terrorism, riots, an accelerated increase in crime, war – all of the mentioned is already happening, fortunately not in your close surroundings. The world around is changing and we are in the need of a new behavioral approaches allowing us to promptly react to these changes.


Survival program for urban crisis. How to react in criminality rising areas, communication and cooperation, disinfection and sanitation, sources management, planning, tactics of movement and fight in urban area.


This is about navigation, safe off-road transits, recon, walk formations, contact reactions, camp protection, etc


How to guard and patrol objects of sleeping places, how to set traps and detection systems, camouflage, critical drills, team function allocation etc.



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