Trainings take place two times per week at the elementary school near the subway station Náměstí Míru of the green line, or the subway station I.P. Pavlova of the red line. You can attend anytime during the year, all you need are workout clothes and shoes.

Monday  19.00 - 21.00
Thursday  19.00 - 21.00

Gym adress: ZŠ Praha 2, Jana Masaryka 21, Praha 2 (on the ground floor left)


Trainings at FFS are conducted in individual system. Every man is different,  has another moves, thinking, ways of understanding movements and differenr strong or weak points. So we had left common ways of teaching where all students are doing the same. With us everyone get exactly that exercise which he needs. So our students can choose weapons which they like to train – they don´t have to follow what others are doing.



1 lesson per week: 800,- monthly

2 lessons per week: 1.200,- mothly


150 Kč per hour


Throughout the year, concurrently with the training take place weekend workshops focusing on medieval, military, survival, fantasy and other events like photoshooting etc.

The last four days in August také place evrey year workshop in nature where we wear medieval or viking clothes (focusing on team tactics, survival, throwing weapons, fighting in formations etc.)


VIP:    5.000 Kč - Enables you to attend all trainings in six moths + shirt FFS
HALF:  3.500 Kč 
- Enables you to attned one training per week in six moths


For students from socially disadvantaged conditions we offer the possibility to go for free or at a discount, in exchange for help with school activities - administering work, cleaning weapons, participating in medieval events.

I want to receive e-mail and invitations to workshops and other events:

Fencing trainings Prague


Fencing training prague